How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

For those that are up with the content on their respective youtube channels, this is the chance to expand your account reach and profits.

It’s always good to reap what you saw and in the case of YouTubing, you won’t miss the moment. The norm among YouTubers is the bigger the audience, the better.

Huge audiences attract huge revenues. Just like the way online casinos have been crafted and designed, they clearly attract major revenue collection. Luckily, the issue of YouTube monetization is pretty simple and direct.

Below we list some of the basic ways that can be perpetrated to create profitable YouTube channels.

Access to a certain video by individuals allows them to pay up a certain amount of money. Payment methods are clearly good for business endured companies but an individual can make it work on personal channels.

To go professional, use the Commerce Addendum which releases set terms and conditions on how to carry out business online using YouTube.

Super Chat & Super Stickers

It is all about chat highlights when it comes to stickers and chats moves. Individuals can actually pay up to have their participants pay up the money. It is a good initiative because to have someone pay up to send a message is rare. It is better to interact with such people.


Let us say that you want to produce a cookbook publishing channel, a music record, or a short film production company, you might as well try to find someone to fund you and then agree on how to meet up for payment.

It’s actually good because that amount of money is actually good to affect good channel packaging.

Use social media platforms

People who follow YouTube usually spend much of their time online. It’s good to link your YouTube with other social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so that you create a wide base of coverage.

It increases fresh audience enrollment. When your channel has a new feature, it is usually good to post new features on these social media handles.

Use freelance work

The work that you would have assumed over the past years means that a person can use expertise to propel the initiative ahead.

Freelancing allows Youtube channel holders to get enough knowledge and at the end of the day receive appreciation from the outside world.

Sell your merchandise

It is a good stunt to package catchphrases with products. This helps in the loyalty background of your work.

Let us say you have some funny characters you created, you can actually come up with good products to attach them. It is your merchandise and it’s sellable.