It’s always good to have a side hustle, even if you have another job or not. Many Americans have taken up side hustles and have actually made a big income generation from it.

In 2021 alone, approximately 24% of the whole population have taken the initiative of side hustling. Even online casino games have turned out to be lucrative hustles on the block. You can get massive income from side hustles yet you will be using less time and less resources. Passive income is not that passive at all until it becomes one, that’s the common notion when it comes to hustles.

Below we look at some of the tips that can be adopted by side hustling aspirants.

1. Create Excel spreadsheets to sell on Etsy

Lets say a person is good with Google doc and Excel spreadsheet, they can come up with a wide variety of content related products. Some of the basic products include templates.

Spreadsheets are financially good when it comes to issues of income, goals and budget tracing. A well orchestrated spreadsheet is good  to many individuals who are finding it difficult to organise budgets and income.

A well made spreadsheet can go for 15 to 20 bucks.

2. Compile a travel itinerary

With such a state of Covid 19 cases changing, this means that restrictions are getting light  traveling is slowly getting back to normal. At the moment, approximately 72 % of all Americans are already planning on vacations.

That’s good but when traveling, you can actually come up with a quality itinerary. This itinerary will cater for travellers purchase. To get more detail on how to purchase itinerary’s, check out Wild Bum

In total, itinerary’s range from $25 to $150.

3. Creation of an online course

Everyone is good at something and everyone is a good teacher, thats how we were structured naturally. There are many online courses that cover a lot of topical issues, from how to come up with a business idea, social courses, religion and so forth.

Cookery courses are good because you have the privilege to send not only pictures and audios but videos too.

Check out Udemy and find out how Chris Haroun has made million online courses and how they have made lucrative incomes.

4. What about an ebook

From as little as $2.99, a person is able to get an online book. E books are part and parcel of digital entrepreneurship, a good way of making money. When advertising, make sure that you post on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Gumroad. To be exact, Barnes & Noble charge a total of 15 % commission. It is actually low when you are geared for success.